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This is Cor-de-Roça's Handmade Brazilian Jewelry new blog and I'm very happy to share it with YOU. Everything you'll see here are handmade, exotic and "specially" from heart to heart .

Cor-de-Roça is the translation of a colorful, relaxed & stylish way of living life. It's the expression of freedom and the face of a strong & sweet personality.

" Wearing a necklace is "very me" ;-).

I believe that each piece we choose to wear is the reflexion of the confidence we have in ourselves and our personality. I feel so good wearing them and I know I spread this feeling... ;-)" Eveli.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I love Turquoise!

So feminine and sophisticated.

The combination of blue and green is one of my favorites. It brings me a very fresh sensation and a so feminine feeling.

Copper is responsible for it's blue toning while iron gives the stone a green tint.

The ones with the black lines in them are called Navajo Turquoise and helps you to stay in a place of love and connectedness with others.

Love, peace, healing, generosity, emotion, the unconscious, intuition, creativity, communication, self reliance, independence. The Turquoise Gemstone has more with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought.

This stone unites the earth and sky... male and female.

Western Astrology says that it is the primary stone for Aquarius and an alternate stone for Sagittarius.

Turquoise has been a sacred stone for hundreds of years all over the world and it is a traditional gift stone for friendship (always more powerful when gifted than when purchased).

Because of its color, it is an ancient symbol of the sky.

Working with Natural Stones has been a present for me. Besides looking to these so amazing natural colors, the feeling of touching it's the most relaxing and energizing I have ever experienced.

These 2 necklaces below have a mix of a Navajo Turquoise with murano glass, wood, seeds and clay.

NMD 1396/2

NMD 1398/2

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