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Cor-de-Roça is the translation of a colorful, relaxed & stylish way of living life. It's the expression of freedom and the face of a strong & sweet personality.

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I believe that each piece we choose to wear is the reflexion of the confidence we have in ourselves and our personality. I feel so good wearing them and I know I spread this feeling... ;-)" Eveli.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cor de Roça on a trip to Italy...


My nice friend, Sandra Cunha Freitas, a very well known radiologist, photographed in Portofino, Italy where she just spent vacation last July with her husband, Sérgio.

Portofino is considered the incarnation of La Dolce Vita. Located in the province of Liguria, on a section of the Italian Riviera known as the Levante Riviera, this attractive little fishing town has become the darling of the famous with its dramatic tree-lined cliffs, ocean views, warm weather and delicious food. Since the 1950’s, Hollywood stars and European royalty have flocked to Portofino hotels for a little rest and plenty of relaxation.

More about Portofino here.
Sandra is wearing Necklace NM1365

Sandra e Sergio

Sandra & Sérgio enjoying San Gimignano, Tuscany which is one of the most charming and picturesque of all the Tuscan hill towns. Situated between Siena and Florence it's a town that still preserves its ancient medieval layout.

It all looks great!! The place, the weather, the trip together and the accessories for sure ;-)))
Thanks for sharing, Sandra.

More about San Gimignano here.


  1. THe necklaces are gorgeous. Tuscany and Levante are most gorgeous places, indeed.

  2. Hi Eveli! I just tagged you :) Come to my blog and read the instructions, you just have to make a post about 7 things about yourself then choose 7 other friends to tag.
    Muito obrigada
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